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DateStateClub NameLeagueActions
7/20/2024TexasRATTLESNAKE RIDGERan Test Sporting Clays League
7/17/2024TexasARLINGTON SPORTSMAN CLUBASC 2024 - 12 Gauge Summer Skeet League
7/15/2024TexasARLINGTON SPORTSMAN CLUBASC 2024 - 28 Gauge Summer Skeet League
7/13/2024TexasRATTLESNAKE RIDGERan Test Skeet Team vs Team League
6/15/2024TexasRATTLESNAKE RIDGERan Test League
6/12/2024TexasDALLAS GUN CLUB2024 Summer Super Sporting League
6/3/2024MinnesotaCROOKSTON GUN CLUB2024
6/1/2024TexasNACOGDOCHES SKEET CLUBNacogdoches Skeet League
5/15/2024TexasARLINGTON SPORTSMAN CLUBASC 2024 - Early Summer Skeet League
5/11/2024MinnesotaProctor Gun ClubXXX
5/1/2024MinnesotaProctor Gun ClubSummer League
4/3/2024PennsylvaniaBEAVER FALLS SPORTSMENS ASSOCBFSA Summer League 2014-Youth
4/1/2024IllinoisST CHARLES SPORTSMEN'S CLUB April Fools Tournament
3/29/2024WisconsinWestgate Sportsman ClubFriday Winter League 2024
3/29/2024WisconsinWestgate Sportsman ClubFriday Winter League
3/21/2024CaliforniaUNITED SPORTSMEN INCORPORATEDBaypoint Spring Skeet League 2024
3/20/2024TexasDALLAS GUN CLUB2024 Spring Skeet League
3/13/2024TexasARLINGTON SPORTSMAN CLUBASC Spring Skeet League 2024
2/13/2024CaliforniaMetcalf Field Sports ParkTuesday Night Skeet League - Spring 2024
2/13/2024CaliforniaTuesday Night Skeet LeagueMetcalf Field Sports Park
1/17/2024TexasARLINGTON SPORTSMAN CLUBASC 2024 - Winter Night Skeet League
1/7/2024MichiganNORTH OTTAWA ROD & GUN CLUBNORGC 2024 5-Stand League
1/6/2024MichiganNORTH OTTAWA ROD & GUN CLUBNORGC 2024 Trap League
1/6/2024MichiganNORTH OTTAWA ROD & GUN CLUBNORGC 2024 Skeet League

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